My favorite restaurants (#7)

Our seventh post in this ‘My favorite restaurants’ series comes from Rebecca, a mother of two who moved here from NYC with her husband.

If you’d be willing to participate by sharing your recommendations, please email me!. Thanks!

Favorite pizza: I’m afraid all of my answers are going to scream, “she doesn’t get out much!” And it’s true. I don’t. But our first week in Dakar a neighbor brought us the delivery menu from La Piazza (Plateau) and it’s decidedly the best pizza in town. The bonus? Eat in and the waiter might take your baby from you for the entire meal–making it the best MEAL we’ve had since living here 🙂 Oh yeah, and the bread baskets with next-door’s Eric Kayser bread, plus the wide range of salads? A great, great dinner.

Favorite hamburgers: We were having one of those days where we just wanted to be somewhere else. That’s how it happened that we spent 32,000 fcfa on hamburgers at Radisson Blu. I didn’t know I was capable of spending that much on a hamburger where the french fries weren’t actual solid gold. Luckily, it was worth it and the onion rings were the best part.The less-indulgent me chooses French Cultural Center. Great burgers and fantastic atmosphere.

Favorite ice cream: Gusto in Almadies CLOSED IN 2013

Favorite ethnic restaurant: We just tried the new sushi restaurant at Sea Plaza–Little Buddha. It was great. I’m not a sushi fan myself, but loved the other things I ordered. (Great small veggie plate, excellent appetizers, etc.) The triple variety of crème brĂ»lĂ©e at the end? The Japanese in an African town with a French influence…

Favorite Senegalese restaurant: Magic Café. A popular place for Senegalese professionals downtown. Great set menu of traditional Senegalese fare.

Favorite brunch: Has to be Eric Kayser. Like I said, I don’t get out much. But it’s hard to beat their pastries, their fresh orange juice, their clean and fresh feeling atmosphere.

Favorite little beach restaurant: The CrĂŞperie, across from Surfers School on Beach road. I think we especially like it because it’s fast and again, they play with our kids while we eat. We recommend the Sombrero. For some reason, we feel like we’re on vacation when we go here, so it’s nice that it doubles as a getaway.

Favorite old standby: See above.

Favorite splurge: Le Lodge in Les Almadies. Bring mosquito repellant and sit outside by the pool. Order the puff pastry or open-faced ravioli with fruits de mer. If we ever think of a reason to celebrate, we also head to Le Lodge.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one of Dakar’s restaurants: I’m not sure how to read this question. Do you mean “what restaurant do you like the very most in Dakar”? because then I say Le Lodge. If you mean, “no seriously, you are stuck on a deserted island. You don’t know how long you’ll be here.” Then I say Eric Kayser because they have fresh water and fruits and vegetables and bread and cheese and lots of chocolate. I mean, their apricot croissants aren’t as good as Royaltines, but this is a desert island and just be grateful there are apricots at all.


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