My favorite restaurants (#6 – gluten-free edition)

Today’s post is a special gluten-free edition of ‘My favorite restaurants’ on Dakar Eats! These recommendations come from Becky, a two-year Dakar resident who has scouted out the gluten-free scene for us.

If you’d be willing to participate by sharing your recommendations, please email me!. Thanks!

Favorite hamburgers/french fries: Times’ Café off Place de l’Independence

Favorite ice cream: Xocco gelato at Sea Plaza Mall. In my opinion it trumps N’ice Cream, although it is a pricey treat!

Favorite ethnic restaurant: Jardin Thailandais… I know everybody likes it, and there is a reason why!!

Favorite brunch: Not brunch, but La Graine d’Or on route de N’Gor has awesome (gluten-free) macarons. If you are super sensitive though, just going in there can be bad for you. I would recommend the pistachio, coconut and raspberry macarons. Not to be confused with macaroons!

Favorite old standby: Café de Rome downtown. Seriously great brochettes de boeuf and lotte. While with friends, they’ve really enjoyed the osso bucco and lasagna. Also, amazing banana split if you are just craving a fantastic dessert!

Favorite splurge: Le Lagon II Restaurant right over the oceanside. Definitely a splurge, but super worth it every once in a while fantastic fresh fish entrees of all kinds! And great desserts, too.

Favorite place to order a good coffee: German Institute in Point E or Times’ Café. Both have a really nice latte (has a nice foam so some might say capp) that is not teeny tiny and is satisfying. Also, Times’ Café has a peach iced tea that is to die for.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one of Dakar’s restaurants: Café de Rome. Or Shady Shack. But I just LOVE the atmosphere at Café de Rome. It takes you out of Dakar and into someplace else 🙂

What is missing from the Dakar food scene: Definitely good coffee shops. Also, gluten-free options/knowledge of cross contamination is hugely missing.

Thanks, Becky!


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