My favorite restaurants (#3)

And now, another round of ‘My favorite restaurants’ on Dakar Eats! Today’s recommendations come from Cindy. Cindy is originally from Mississippi and has lived in West Africa for 11 years, eight of which have been spent in Dakar with her husband and children.

If you’d be willing to participate by sharing your recommendations, please email me!. Thanks!

Favorite pizza: For American-style with thick crust, Pizza Inn. For thin crusts, the Turkish restaurant CLOSED IN 2013 and La Piazza downtown on boulevard de la République just past Caesar’s on the right by Erik Kayser. Perfect for two if you order a salad to split.Great salads.

Favorite ice cream: I’m a N’ice cream fan.

Favorite hamburgers: Café Rome (can you believe it?!) and Sea Plaza food court. I think they are at Happy Days. The old-fashion is my fav…

For African/European hamburgers, Le Regal restaurant is good.

Favorite Senegalese restaurant: For truly authentic, Chez Mamy on the airport road in Ouest/Nord Foire. For a bit nicer, Chez Loutcha downtown. Huge portions!

Favorite ethnic (which, in this case, means not Senegalese or American) restaurant:
Jardin Thailiandais in Point E for Thai
the Lebanese menu at Shady Shack
the Turkish restaurant on route de Ouakam CLOSED IN 2013
Café Rome for Italian
Le Churrascaria for Brazilian (It’s the one downtown across from Magic Land. Meat is unbelievable and sides are great. Can be pricey for families, but the money is going to their ministry and we FULLY support it.)
Le Ryad at Almadies for Moroccan

We’ve even driven out to Bandia Animal Park for lunch — not the safari, just the open-air restaurant. It’s a relaxing place to eat with many choices… some odd choices. See the wildlife at the watering hole and just get out of town for a few hours.

Favorite brunch: Brioche Dorée (upstairs) at Mermoz (don’t like the one at N’gor or Mariste II), La Galette (upstairs) on Pompidou downtown, or the roof of Clinique de la Madeliene.

Favorite old standby: Dionevar at the Almadies point.

Favorite splurge: Le Lagoon on the Petite Corniche is a splurge that we’ve heard about for years but have just not taken the plunge yet… We heard it is magnificent!

Favorite little beach restaurant: Chez Fatou’s in Almadies. Go for the waves and the garlic shrimp is always good.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one of Dakar’s restaurants: Shady Shack!

And in response to edition #1’s question on what is missing from the Dakar food scene:
Tex-Mex: There are fajitas at Happy Days, which is not only at Sea Plaza but also on Pompidou.
Fried chicken: I think Caesar’s has this covered, actually.

Very good to know! Thanks for taking the time to share these with us, Cindy.



  1. I agree with the Chicken Fajita recommendation at Happy Days. Great freshly made tortillas and very flavourful accompaniments. I don’t know the Turkish restaurant tho. Hmm…may have to ask you about this one!

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