Worcestershire sauce?

Recently a Dakar Eats’ reader asked me where to find Worcestershire sauce. I told him it was available many places, but then neither of us have been able to find it. So we’re turning to you!

Has anyone got a lead to share?

Anything else you’ve been looking for lately?



  1. It was, at one point, at the HyperMarche, but since their stock rotates, it may not be there anymore…

  2. I also found it at the hypermarche a while back, and have an extra unopened bottle in my pantry if someone really needs it! We won’t use it as i already have one in my fridge and we are leaving in Aug.

  3. I got some once at Maya and Dia in Hann Mariste across from the Ecole Mariste once. But… whether or not they still have it is unknown.

  4. Found Worcestershire sauce today in Casino at Sea Plaza! Maybe it was always there? On top shelf above the ketchup.

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