Have u seen CDA?

Update: closed due to fire in 2017.

Want to stock the freezer with beef, chicken, fish, pork, sausage and cheese? CDA is the place to go.

Find CDA on the Dakar Eats map.

Located just off place de l’Indépendence, CDA is a great addition to the Dakar Eats scene. It’s a two-part deal: regular store in the front, bulk orders in the back. We went in the back section by accident, but turned out to be right where we needed to be to buy 2-kilos bags of shredded mozzarella for 7800cfa. (Also where you need to go if you want a case of Tuborg at what works out to be 358cfa/can!)

Sample prices and photos below. To find CDA, take Pompidou away from the place. Take first right onto a little one-way street. CDA is on your left.




Chicken breasts: 5500cfa/kilo
Chicken legs: 2400cfa/kilo
Whole chickens: 2200cfa/kilo

Lotte filets: 2875cfa/kilo
Sole filets: 2825cfa/kilo

Ground beef: 1200cfa for 500g
Faux filet: 6600cfa/kilo
Beef ‘tranche arrière’, all meat: 2800cfa/kilo
Other cuts available, even T-bone eteaks.

Chipolata sausages (think breakast links): 4450cfa/kilo
Thin slices of lardon fumée (bacon): 700cfa for 100g



  1. […] Gouda/Mimolette cheeses. However some people find the flavor is milder than they’d prefer. CDA downtown has sliced Cheddar in stock at 7,700cfa/kilo but again it’s the mild kind and […]

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