Attention coffee lovers…


This weekend a friend introduced us to Cor Coumba coffees. Located a block off Rue 10 in Sicap Amitié 2, this is a must-drink for Dakar. Not to knock the café touba vendors, but sometimes (Monday mornings!) you just want something a little more… Cor Coumba.

Prices range from about 11,000cfa to 16,000cfa per kilo, but you can also buy 250- and 500-gram bags. (Oh, and they do sell café touba for 4,000cfa per kilo.) Whole beans or freshly ground – your choice. And have a sample while you wait for your order to be filled.

The next bean shipment is due to arrive in about two weeks. See you there!

Find Cafés Cor Coumba on the Dakar Eats map.

Tips from Cafés Cor Coumba:
– The best coffee is served just after being made.
– Reheated coffee develops a sharp taste.
– If coffee is overheated, it becomes bitter.
– Clean your coffee maker regularly as calcareous build-up can affect its functioning.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Tony!



  1. […] I also ordered hamburger buns and hummus from Shady Shack, bought all-natural (maybe a little too natural!) peanut butter from a lady who makes it at home and sells it on the street corner and Cheikh bought freshly roasted coffee beans at Cor Coumba. […]

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