This week at CityDia

First, you should know that CityDia is sticking to their plan and opening locations across Dakar. After visiting the Hann Maristes location last week, I went to CityDia in Liberté 6, where I heard the newest location just opened across from the big Ecobank on rue de Ouakam, on the way to UCAD. Another is also opening in Nord Foire.

Maps are at the bottom of this post, or you can also find them on the Dakar Eats Google Map.

Here’s what caught my eye at CityDia this week…

Liberté 6 store
Apple cider vinegar for under 1,000cfa
Pearl onions
Red-skinned potatoes
Cream of mushroom soup mix
Pumpkin seeds


A not very clear, but hopefully helpful image of the corner where you turn off the VDN to the Liberté 6 store.


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