Good news, shoppers!

I think we could all use some good news today, eh? Well, I’ve got some for you. I went to the CityDia that just opened in Hann Maristes and am very happy to report that it is awesome and wonderful.

If you’ve ever lived in Spain, you’re probably familiar with the Dia chain. Or, if you’ve lived in France, you may know it under the Ed name. After six years of shopping at Ed, we’ve learned what’s worth buying. So while these items below are not all specifically American, they are things that either I haven’t found easily in Dakar before or that we were very happy to find because we loved them in France.

More good news! A second CityDia has already opened off the VDN back in the Liberté 6 area. (If you’ve ever been to Dr Ba’s office, it’s back in there.) Thirteen more stores are planned around Dakar. According to CityDia staff (who are so friendly – it’s amazing!), the locations are already getting set up so they’ll be ready to go as soon as stock arrives in port.

Happy shopping!

Hann Maristes location
Wide, clean aisles
The best granola cereal ever. We used to take boxes of it to my Dad as his gift from France!
Really good pesto! Looking forward to trying the sun-dried tomato pesto too.
Cheddar cheese!!
Pine nuts
Sun-dried tomatoes
Big bags of Parmesan - not blurry in real life 🙂
Cream cheese (good!) and marinated feta chunks (also good!)
Dried squash seeds
Microwave popcorn
Most cheeses (including mozzarella) were about 1,000cfa cheaper per kilo than other stores!
Three kinds of bacon (poitrine fumée). I got 10 slices for just under 1,000cfa.
Frozen asparagus. Pretty spendy at 7,000cfa/kilo.
Animal crackers
Speculoos cookies make the best 'graham cracker' pie crusts.

Go past Dakar Academy, through the round point and all the way to the end of the road. At the end of the road turn left like you are heading out to the autoroute. The store will be just ahead on the right.



    • Ha! Good point 🙂 Dakar Academy is in the Hann Maristes neighborhood. From Bourgiba or Liberté 6, take rue Front de Terre out towards route de Rufisque. Turn left on rue des pères Maristes at the Zen Lounge. That’s the street DA is on.

      You can also get there from the autoroute… but I’ll have to get those details for you.

  1. Hi to all,
    Your comments are really encouraging.
    I am in charge of Marketing at Citydia and I want to thank you all for sharing those information and your satisfaction.
    I am available to talk with you about your feelings, your impressions, and your suggestions. We are 100% at your service!
    Best regards,

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