Say cheese! And 15 new stores

A new grocery store called CityDia has just opened in Hann Maristes! They have GREAT prices on cheese for the moment. Very clean and nice. Still seem to be stocking things. They are open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

It is the first of what they are saying will be 15 similar stores around Dakar. The next one to open is in Nord Foire and is to open in a week or two. The supermarket chain is Spanish and currently part of the Carrefour Group.

Go past Dakar Academy, through the round point and all the way to the end of the road. At the end of the road turn left like you are heading out to the autoroute. The store will be just ahead on the right.

Thanks for the tip, S.! Has anyone else been to CityDia? Anything else on the shelves we should know about?



  1. Been there twice, since it is so close! Other items of note:
    1. Nice flour tortillas – 1500 for pack of 8
    2. Stuffed tortellini, – the ones that are around 3000 cfa at other places – 650 cfa!
    3. Good prices on 50% jam, including blueberry
    4. Great garlic sausage
    5. Spices, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, etc at good prices
    There were other things too, but I forget now. They have a LOT of staff and they are friendly and helpful.

  2. Very happy to see this new supermarket in Hann Maristes! I visited the store yesterday with some friends. I found nice products and the price are really really attractive. You must go there and see. They have already opened one in Liberté 6 Extension. I have the feeling that Citydia will be a great destination for us:-)

  3. More than everything, the staff is warm, so different from what we are used to. I love their products and mostly I love their prices. Everything is at good quality and so cheap.

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