Jalapenos, Ro-tel, oh my!

I’ve been wanting to stop by the new (I think) food service store on the VDN. Coming from the Hypermarché Exclusif headed toward Ouakam, you will find it in the little strip mall area on the right. It’s along the same area as a Pâtisserie and the second Dior Diarama store, just before Clinique Kane.

Lucky for me, a Dakar Eats reader went to check it out and sent a full report!

Food items include Ro-tel, black beans, navy beans (Bush brand), pork & beans, jalapeños both whole and chopped, maraschino cherries, mandarins, pineapples, dill relish, pizza sauce, various spices such as cinnamon sticks, garlic powder, dried mushrooms… Most items are sold in gallon size, so you may want to think through going together and splitting. Also a great place to purchase items if you are feeding a crowd!

Paper products include large Styrofoam cups, to-go plates (the kind that fold over), paper plates, drinking straws wrapped and unwrapped, zip lock bags. To the side were also restaurant items such as salt and pepper shakers, trays for serving, nice cutting boards…

Thanks, C.!



  1. the name of the store is FOODSTORE AND EQUIPMENTS . on the VDN sacre coeur . We’ll also have new products typically american like progresso soup , barbecue sauce n, tropicana juice etc…. we are waiting for u

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