Bread alert!

Word on the street is that there’s a new bread in town. Some of you may be familiar with tapalapa bread. It’s a French-style baguette available around Dakar. What makes it special is its dense, chewy texture that resembles a nice pain au levain or even a sourdough.

The new spin is a round tapalapa loaf! It’s available from vendors outside Castor market for 200 cfa. The loaves are about the size of an extra large, extra tall hamburger bun. They make amazing sandwich bread and delicious toast or garlic bread. They also freeze well, so you can stock up and use as needed.


Has anyone found these elsewhere in Dakar?



    • I’m pretty sure Taffa sells the baguette shape over there. Hadn’t heard he sold the round ones. Can anyone confirm this? Way easier to get to than Castor!

  1. Tapalapa bread is from Guinea (Conakry). it’s been introduced in Dakar by the Fulani (peulh) bakers who are originally from that country.

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