A money-saving tip

Recently we asked for your tips to share with other Dakar Eats readers. Here’s one from G., a mother of two boys who has lived in Senegal since 2004.

Here’s my tip: Don’t skip the market. My favorite market is Tilene. It’s a calm and relatively low stress place to buy groceries cheaply. The veggies are beautiful and people might be surprised what all you can find (tuna in water for 650fcfa and EVOO).

There are porters with boxes who’ll carry all your kilos of potatoes and onions for a tip. It may not be quite as convenient but it saves us hundreds of $ when we shop there first, then just get from the grocery stores what we can’t find at the market. Besides, we eat healthier when we mostly buy local veggies, peas, and grains.

Of course, this may not be so helpful to newcomers since vendors at Tilene probably don’t speak anything but Wolof, but then again it is a great language and culture learning opportunity. 🙂

Marché Tilene

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  1. This is great, I plan to go with my housekeeper this week, but had no idea you could get anything besides fruit and veggies there. Thanks!

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