Krystal’s burgers, made in Dakar

When I saw on my friend W’s Facebook page that he had made these here in Dakar, I asked if I could post the details here on Dakar Eats. So if you’re craving Krystal’s burgers (or Whitecastle, depending on where you’re from in the US), here you go!

Cut the big round “hamburger” breads you can get at the buutiks into fourths. (It makes them triangles, but they are still big enough for the square burgers.) Cut each in half horizontally to make them into buns. Mustard the bottom half and add a slice or two of pickles.

Flatten ground beef into little squares as flat as you can get them. Salt and pepper them.

Dice an onion. Put a little oil in a hot pan and fry the onions until they’re soft and a little brown. Take the onions out.

Use the same pan to fry the burgers, about three minutes on each side. Place burgers on the buns, place onions on top of burgers, then put bun on top.

Steam them, fully assembled. (I had a pot with a little water boiling in the bottom, a cooling rack on top of the pot with another pot upside down on top of the cooling rack. Left them in for 1 – 2 minutes.)

Eat immediately!


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