Climbing the charts!

Dior Diarama on the VDN is quickly climbing the charts as a favorite for Americans in Dakar looking for their favorite foods from home.

Here’s an update from J. on their recent arrivals:

  • Bisquick (all-purpose baking mix) 80 oz./2.26 kg. box (5,000cfa)
  • Mrs. Butter-worth’s syrup 64 fl. oz. jug (4,000cfa)
  • Jif and Skippy Creamy Peanut butter 40 oz. container (4,000cfa each)
  • Kraft Mac and Cheese (1,500cfa a box)
  • Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew (450cfa a can)
  • Smuckers Grape and Strawberry Jelly (3,500cfa a container)
  • Huge box of Quaker oats individual bags
  • Ranch and Caesar salad dressing

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