Found: smoked sausages!

I have a feeling this may be one of those things that other Americans in Dakar have known about for a while and yet I am just discovering.

When we lived in France, I used to buy saucisses fumées, a smoked sausage that we used at breakfast, in quiches, on pizza, etc… Apparently, you can get them here too!

They are made by CDA Sénégal and are available at Hypermarché on the VDN as well as several other grocery stores. Look for them in the charcuterie section.  You can find them for about 1,500 cfa for a pack of three.

They aren’t quite as good as the ones in France, but certainly have the right flavor and are a much better alternative than trying to make sausages at home! (However, if you’re looking for a country sausage recipe that can be made in about 15 minutes, here’s a link.)

Has anyone tried other CDA products?



  1. CDA is also the cheapest place to get cheese – Gouda, Elemental, Mozzarella, especially if you go to back door and buy the whole package in bulk for the wholesale price. I think you can get the charcuterie in bulk too for less.

    • Ooh! Good to know. I just saw CDA on our last trip downtown and made a mental note of where it is so I can get back to it.
      Field trip, anyone? 🙂

  2. Hey there, not sure if you were able to find the ingredients on these when you bought them. I was afraid they may not be gluten-free… any thoughts on it? thanks for keeping us updated!!

  3. Well, it’s not exactly a lab report certifying them to be gluten-free, but my friend who’s fam eats gluten-free says they’ve eaten them without any probs. So enjoy!

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