Dress to Impress

Dakar Eats is taking a slight detour for a very good reason. Recently on a girls’ shopping trip downtown, we found a gem. This isn’t food-related, but of interest to our American readers, nonetheless.

Ladies, children… have we got a clothing store for you! Dakar’s US Style imports clothing from some of our favorite US stores and brands (Carter’s, Old Navy, Children’s Place…).

US Style is located at 62 Rue Felix Faure in downtown Dakar – right near the Librairie 4 Vents.

Open Mon – Sat: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm / 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Email: usstyledakar@hotmail.com
Phone: 33 823 95 14



  1. Hi Valerie

    I don’t have very much experience shopping for baby/children’s clothes (I know – that will change soon!), but I’d say the prices were comparable to what you’d pay in the US for new clothes not on sale. I felt the biggest advantage to their store was the selection of good quality clothes and shoes. If you’re needing a nice baby gift or an outfit for your child for a specific occasion (family photo, for example), this would be a great place to go.

    It’s easy to get to once you’re downtown and definitely worth stopping by to check it out.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    Our prices are very reasonable. We have discounts & sales going on all throughout the year. The good thing about our products is the excellent quality, our motto here is “american quality at an african price.” We have new arrivals at least once every 2 months. Stop by sometime and check it out for yourself, I’d be very happy to meet you.

    Address Correction: 62 Rue Felix Faure

    Thank you,
    Nada Keaik

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