American food imports in Dakar!

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Hidden Valley Ranch, Jiffy mixes… Have I got your attention yet? This guest post and treasure find comes from Becky. You can read her blog life + passion here.

I found a medium-sized store this week as I was on my way to run errands. It is in Ouest Foire, to the right of the Shell Station off of the VDN. You would basically never know it’s there.

What I found was a bunch of American food products, medicine, mouthwash, etc. that these guys import from America for (us?) business. Check out the things I found!

These guys have been open for about 4 months now. One of them lived in the US for 16 years – all his kids were born there – and is back trying to get business booming. I know a lot of families adapt what they use here and make do (imports can get expensive), but hey when you just need some Hidden Valley Ranch, as we say in NY “You gotta do wha’ cha gotta do.”

Not pictured was a large selection of sugar free candy and other American chewing gums and candy. I bought some Mike and Ikes! Also, the Kraft mac and cheese, baking mixes, instant mashed potatoes and baking soda were all reasonably priced. Maybe it’s worth going out of your way for a couple goodies, I’ll let you decide!

Thank you so much, Becky!


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