Translating the spice rack

30+ herbs and spices translated from French. Season away – without fear!

allspice = piment de la Jamaïque
anise, aniseed = anis étoilé
basil = basilic
caraway = graine de carvi
chives = ciboulette
cinnamon = canelle
caraway = carvi
celery salt = sel de céléri
chervil = cerfeuil
cumin = cumin
curry = curry
bay leaf = laurier
cayenne pepper = piment de cayenne
clove = clous de girolfe
coriander = coriandre
dill = aneth
fennel = fenouil
four spices = quatre-épices
garlic = ail
ginger = gingembre
marjoram, sweet = marjolaine
mint = menthe
nutmeg = noix de muscade
oregano = origan
paprika = paprika
parsley = persil
pepper = poivre
rosemary = romarin
saffron = safran
sage = sauge
salt = sel
sorrel = oseille
tarragon = estragon
thyme = thym

Not easily available in Senegal: Cream of Tartar, Turmeric, Italian Seasoning, Chili Powder


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