Translating the fruit basket

20+ fruits translated into French for your shopping ease. (Now you’ll know exactly what’s in that jam that looked tasty!)

apple = pomme
apricot = abricot
avocado = avocat
banana = banane
blackberry = mûre
black currant = cassis
cherry = cerise
coconut = noix de coco
grapes = raisins
grapefruit = pamplemousse
lemon = citron
lime = citron vert
mango = mangue
melon = melon
orange = orange
papaya = papaye
peach = pêche
pear = poire
persimmon = kaki
pineapple = ananas
plum = prune
pumpkin = citrouille or potiron
quince = coing
strawberry = fraise


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