Translating the veggie stand

If you want to buy more than the basic thieboudienne vegetables, it’s useful to know their names in French.

artichoke = artichaut
asparagus = asperge
beetroot = betterave
broccoli = brocoli
cabbage = chou
carrot = carotte
cauliflower = chou-fleur
celery = céleri
eggplant = aubergine
fennel = fenouil
green beans = haricot vert
leek = poireau
lettuce = laitue, salade
onion = oignon
parsnip = panais
peas = petit pois

potato = pomme de terre
shallot = echalote
spinach = épinard
spring onion = ciboule
turnip = navet
winter squash = courge
zucchini = courgette


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