Dakar burgers

Arc-en-ciel hamburger

The Dakar hamburger is a unique creature – and lucky for us, it’s a delicious one. Forget any notions of a thick beef patty as you step up and place your order at any of the burger restaurants around town. Some of the best-known are Chez Donald, Ali Baba and Caesar’s. But most places selling chawarmas will also fry up burgers.


Scan the menu for the ‘hamburger complet’ option. That’s the jackpot: a thin beef patty in a fresh bun (usually sporting a top hat of sesame seeds right in the center) that comes topped with grated Emmental cheese, a fried egg, a layer of hot French fries, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayo and lettuce.

A perfect one-handed meal.

Burger: 1300 cfa, side of fries: 900 cfa, soda (called 'sucré', as in 'une boisson sucrée'): 500 cfa

The first couple you have may not be the stuff dreams are made of, but these little guys do tend to grow on you. And at about 1200cfa-1500cfa each, you can easily afford to try a couple restaurants in order to find one that ‘makes it your way’.

Ali Baba
Dakar Plateau, Médina
23, Av. G. Pompidou
Tel: 33 822 5297 – 77 511 8656

Dakar Plateau, Médina
27 Bld de la République
Tel: 33 823 8400 – 33 822 1616

Chez Donald
Dakar Plateau, Médina
91, rue Moussé Diop
Tel: 33 823 8592


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